Thursday, 9 October 2014

Weekly Music Round Up!

Hey y'all! Exams have just passed and I'm so happy but nervous at the same time as well. I still haven't done my monthly favorites and I know I just suck. I'm just too lazy to put those pictures on my laptop since it's on my phone! Today, I thought of sharing my music taste in the cyber world. OKAY, Here's a glimpse of what I listen to!  

I'm so thrilled to hear Eraserheads' two new songs! They got back together, finally, like the old married couple that they are. For those of you  who don't know who they  are then I suggest you Google it. Just kidding, I'm not that kind of person (lol), they're a Filipino Band formed during the eighties (My third favorite generation) and I love them.

I heard this song from a friend and when I listened to it, I actually liked it, so a shoutout to mah bruh Khary! Follow him on instagram @kay_abstraktlol xD 

 One of my favorites from DVBBS.

OH! SNAP! I'll be posting new stuff every Wednesday! 
I've finally found a few hours of my time to devote to my blog. 
Take care! :*

Sunday, 5 October 2014


 Hello, hello hello, hell no there stranger. I haven't been posting a lot lately and I was supposed to post my August Favorites then came September and then came October! Happy OCTOBER! It's almost my birthday and I am beyond excited. But enough of that, today I woke up and I was listening to my favorite band Nirvana and I just thought, "Hey, how come I have never dedicated an outfit for grunge?" So here's what I came up with and I was kinda feeling that tomboy vibe with these boots and the oversized shirt but I made it girly with my hair and my bling. 

 Why can't I do grunge? Since it's October and it's almost my birthday, I have decide to dedicate this month for GRUNGE fashion because it's my favorite kind of fashion. So let the grunge month BEGIN! 
That is just me trying to take a picture of myself. Yeah, I didn't have a photographer but I got one after though! 
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Have a great Sunday! 
Take care :*

Wearing: Jeans-Levi's, top-thrifted, accessories-thrifted, bag-Lacoste