Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Hello! So this is the overnight stay that I had in Digos. I didn't really have the luxury of taking tons of pictures of the city, I hate to say that I focused mostly on the event which sucked, I forgot my charger at home so the entire time my phone was dead. The camera is not mine which hurts even more because I really wanted to take tons of photos but whatever, this is what I have.

 I can say that Digos is not that big, but I thought it was, you can just ride tricycles to every single destination that you want to go to. It was really nice and we ate at a few fast food restaurants but as I said I forgot my charger at home so I couldn't take any more pictures. Enough of my babbling, here is a short summary in creative photography.

 It was my first time in Digos and I got to go to my friend's house which was the bomb and I 
encourage all of you to visit Digos City.
See you in my next post!
Take Care! xx

 Photos by: Germaine Denosta

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