Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Hello! Last week I went to Digos City with my school mates for some nerd thing. I wasn't even included in that organization in the first place! To be honest, it sucked. I didn't like some parts but then on the last day we got to swim and that was the only thing that I liked. I met a few people even though I'm socially awkward. I really didn't know what to wear since my teacher said bring a jacket, I was kind of low on jacket supply, so I got my mom's shirt and just used that. I worked my way on a camisole and leggings, a piece which I am loving right now, and put on my new boots! I love these shoes because they are just so freaking comfy and I love the DM vibe that it gives. I finally have that sole!

 Watch out for that photo diary!
You better hit that hype button! 
See ya in my next post!
Take care! xx  

Photos by: Germaine Denosta

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