Tuesday, 29 July 2014

To Remind You

Heyyyy guuurl! I've had a really busy week because of practice, academics and other stuff. I have a social life too! I also have exams coming up so let's just hope that I get high scores. Enough about my blabbing about life. Let's go with an outfit. I didn't really know what to wear on a day like this so I just put on my shorts and a cami. I don't really go out looking all bear so I put on a "KIMONO" I mean, I improvised so give me a break okay? 

Oh and I hate to say that I'll be living with timers and ugly quality. I don't have the time to be all fancy right now!!!! WAIT FOR ME

See you in my next post! 
Take care :*

shoes-Lee; hat-thrifted; camisole-Forever 21; shorts-BAYO; sunnies-shh  

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