Wednesday, 30 July 2014


You need to bear with me on this because the computer is being a jerk okay? #bloggerproblems. This is what happens when there's no internet in the house and I went to school at seven am just to post this.

I started this blog on July 30, 2013 and it was supposed to be a blog about anything because I was really bored and I wanted to do something with my life since I'm an outcast/hobo. What started out as a boredom blog grew into this fashion blog with deeper pieces of me music. I have this love for fashion and it's weird because I have certain restriction based on the authorities (a.k.a. my parents and school) They don't really allow me to wear shorts, heels or muscle tees for that matter. It's been a hard year because of the limited time and resources that I have but thank goodness I've gone through it. I would say that I really need to do some videos because I want to be a YouTuber as well and I want people to know what I sound like. Is that weird? All the bloggers that I follow either have YouTube videos or have been interviewed and I'd really like to be an active person but here's the thing: I DON'T HAVE A CAMERA! So I'll get back to you as soon as I have a DSLR or a MACBOOK. LOL. SOMEBODY GIVE ME A DSLR AND A MACBOOK FOR MY BIRTHDAY PLEASE? Whatever. Today MIAGNIFIQUE turns a year old. Basically, it's my blog's birthday and I couldn't be more proud. I don't know why I have the urge to throw a party but given the limited budget but I won't :). I had a little celebration with my friend Nicole and it was really pleasant. We read lots of books and made fun out of it. We tried on some clothes and I got to dress her up! It was so amazing because she doesn't normally wear those kinds of clothing. We ate way to much doughnuts and I'm so thankful for her gift to me/my blog. :)

Next year, I'm going to celebrate all by myself and I want to reward myself for making it this far by having a little reunion with myself you know?

Take care :*  


So as most of you know, I've been blogging for a year now (I can finally say that!) and let me tell you a little something about myself.
1. I like trends.
2. I work with what I have so I don't really follow trends and if you've noticed I wear the trends a year late but don't judge me :)
3. I don't have money to buy the newest trends.
You know, I have to start earning to make a living. SO earlier in the week I remembered my blogs anniversary/birthday and I started saving up. I think I did okay. And this year I want to celebrate by myself because I started this blog with no help at all! And believe me when I say that it's not that easy given the limited resources.


Take Care! :*

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

To Remind You

Heyyyy guuurl! I've had a really busy week because of practice, academics and other stuff. I have a social life too! I also have exams coming up so let's just hope that I get high scores. Enough about my blabbing about life. Let's go with an outfit. I didn't really know what to wear on a day like this so I just put on my shorts and a cami. I don't really go out looking all bear so I put on a "KIMONO" I mean, I improvised so give me a break okay? 

Oh and I hate to say that I'll be living with timers and ugly quality. I don't have the time to be all fancy right now!!!! WAIT FOR ME

See you in my next post! 
Take care :*

shoes-Lee; hat-thrifted; camisole-Forever 21; shorts-BAYO; sunnies-shh