Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hey June, don't make it bad + May favorites!

I'm sorry for not posting a lot of stuff last month. I know most of you might not give a !@... care but I'm still going to say it anyway. I hate myself for not being super active on lookbook and I made a vow to be active on lookbook, well whenever I WEAR SOMETHING NICE which is all the freaking time but I'm just too lazy to take pictures. But hey, whatever I'll start doing some right now! :) Just kidding. 

So it's June and it's school season now for the Asians I guess (Filipinos) and I have nothing to wear! Ugh! I'm just kidding!! We wear our uniforms :) but anyway, I came across this song which I heard on Spotify in which you need to follow me there right away! And it's kinda funny because it's almost school time and the first line of this song says something about school. Go listen to it!

2. Cupcakes by Sonja

Forgive me for saying this but I saw this in a magazine and I really wanted to try it. I only tasted cupcakes by Sonja because my aunt or cousins bring home a piece but I've never actually had the time to go chill at the actual store. So the first picture was taken with me and my parents and the second one, I was chilling with mah gurl cousin :) 


I heard about this band because of a friend who recommended it to me I guess..?? And I absolutely fell in love with their songs. The first song I heard was Fred Astaire and it became my favorite song in May but it still is with a bit of other songs on the side. 

4. Blue Hues 

If only nail polish was allowed in my school. This would be a very patriotic color but just a few shades lighter. LOL. So, I tried this nail color and I really love it! I mixed the two colors because I want to control the amount of saturation and stuff like that. It's a bit messy but I've been rocking this for the month of May. It's a huge shame that I have to remove it soon. :(

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