Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's DAY!!!

If you have noticed I have the habit of making a post about everything I want to share. Well, most of the things. This time it's for my dad. (WARNING: VERY PERSONAL STUFF IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN)

        I know I haven't been the perfect daughter to you or mom, but trust me I endeavor to be. I'm sorry for all my faults and lies. I'm sorry for not being able to be what you want me to be. I know you only want me to be someone for our future but I don't have any other way of saying that it's just not my passion. Nonetheless thank you so much for supporting me and giving me a life. You're cool :) haha (inside joke) I know we disagree in what music should be playing in the car because you're still stuck on eighties music, but seriously it grew on me and now we both have something to listen to. Life's just not about music but it's also about math. I'll try to study exceptionally well this year and I hate to say this in my blog but Yeah, yeah, I'll read and do more math exercises and familiarize all those stuff. I get it okay? I'll do my best to have a bright future. 'kay love you. Happy father's day.


Here's the song that grew on me.

To be fairly honest with you I despised this song then one day I started singing along and memorized it! Amazing.... :)

Happy father's day to all of your fathers!
Take care! ;)

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