Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hey guys! I told you I was going to do this! See? All you had to do was believe. So yesterday was a great day, but then something happened and it turned bad. I thought I was going to wear something dark and monochrome today but then I was scrolling through one of my favorite bloggers site and she was wearing skirts and heels and some dope shades, so I thought "Why can't I be as happy as she is?" Well obviously because I don't have that much cash but still, you have to work with what you got right? 

Today I thought of wearing something fun and sporty. I guess I made it sporty because of the sneakers, yeah my dad thought of that because he saw what I was wearing. Anyway, I wore this to my review center and well, I actually thought I was going to be judged, I knew I was, but I couldn't care less. 

 Meet my cool cousin who lent me this beautiful skirt. I'm sorry, the skirt is not mine. HAHAHAHA but whatever, you work with what you got! That's the thing about life bish. She took some of the photos above and I thank her for that! :) 

Oh and I have a new photographer! She is probably more talented in taking photos than I am. Meet Coleen or Kuki! MY seven year-old niece. She's really fun to work with and I love her mwah! :*

I swear more adventures await. I have adventures every weekend!
That is if I have enough money. 
What do you think? 
Don't forget to hit that hype button!
Take care & I'll see you
on the flip flop laaater! :*

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