Wednesday, 13 November 2013



A lot of things are happening in the Philippines. I am a hundred percent concerned about it. I mean, first it's the government because of the PDAF scam and now it's the typhoon Heiyan. I do like posting things like this because it sets a reason for more people to help. It has been very heartbreaking seeing those victims on the news. When things like this happen and reporters rush in to tell everyone what's going on those Filipinos smile because a camera is there and we all know that they are so strong but now nobody was smiling. Most of their loved ones passed because of this typhoon. Everyone was crying and it really punched me on the stomach because of how much pain they're suffering. I already donated as much as I could. How about you? 

You all know that I am one hundred percent Filipino so this is what we call "Kabayanihan" Filipinos are still strong and brave. Pray for the Filipinos and Pray for my country. And of course always smile because Filipinos are joyful and "MATAPANG!" 
I love Filipinos. I love us. :)
 Bilang isang Pilipino gusto ko lang sabihin na kaya natin 'to! At para lang mapasaya kayo, 3rd runner up ang Philippines (Arielle Arida) sa Miss UNIVERSE!!! Ahhhhh!! Yey! :) 

It's up to you to figure that out! :) 

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