Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey November!

Hey! It's November and I'm sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I really can't explain why. I guess I was just so LAZY and tired because it was our sembreak and I'm off to school tomorrow. (Lord have mercy on my soul XD)  So, I was watching Clothesencounters on YouTube and that really had an effect on me. I realized that I should stop being lazy and post some stuff. :) I just want to let you know some more stuff about what's going on in my mind. :) 

1. Thank goodness for letting me survive the October month and the Examination week!
2. My family is good.
3. I'm good.
4. Well, I like someone :)
5. I have decided to make videos and upload it on YouTube.
6. The only problem is..... I don't have a camera. I do, but it's not compatible with the editing software. I'll try. 
7. Lookbook's being good to me. :)
8. I feel confident because of my friends.
9. I want to graduate already! So I can get a job! So I can stop being so broke! 
10. I want to have more food in my fridge -_-
11. I still want that ukulele on display.

The last 3 days of October, I have been closer to someone than I was before and we got to know each other better and I'm so happy that I brought him luck :) (He said that!)
Our chill place is gone Lee, I mean under maintenance. :) Their putting rides in my hood but I'm sure it's only temporary. I mean come on, it's originally a parking lot! :)   
The screen on my phone is broken but the phone still works. I just can't see anything. :(
I am seriously craving for food right now.
I want shawarma, burgers, fries, chips, waffles, fried chicken, watermelon and just chill with some Kool-Aid. (I'm gonna make a video about that. Just let me find a camera!) 

Alrighty! That's it for today's post!
I luh you. 
I might be posting another one later but who knows?

Here's a song that I have been listening to every time I go to school!
 Hope you like it!
Take care! 
See you in my next post! 

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