Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hey, hey hey! It's October! The month of my birthday and the month of my exams :'( So I'll probably be stuck in the house for the week because I need to study. So.... I really need to go study for my exams tomorrow. Fear not, there will be more awesome posts after FRIDAY okay? Just wait for it. And for all you people who have exams today and tomorrow goodluck to you! MWAH! Especially me and my fellow classmates. I love you. OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND KAREN! KAREN! KAREN! WHERE'S THE MONEY KAREN! I LOVE YOU KAREN! So anyway, just keep working hard now and play hard later. You got the rest of your life for playing hard but just work hard first so that when you play it's gonna be even more LEGEN-wait for it-DARY! :) Okay, that's it. Take care.Keep doin' ya thang! 

Happy Thursday to you.
Happy Birthday Karen!
Take care! Love you. :*
See you in my next post! :*

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