Friday, 18 October 2013

How he got out of the friend zone.

So you're probably wondering who in the world are these people right here. Right? No? Fine. Well let me introduce them to you one by one. And let me tell you the story of Charlie and how he got out of the friend zone.

This guy right here is Charlie. The main character. He always loved this girl who is his best friend who's name is......

Keeley. She's like the girl who is simple and happy but inside she just feels a bit sad because of her past experiences. And of course both of them belong in a group. 

That's me Amy. I am one of Charlie and Keeley's best friends and I'm like this badass Asian who acts black and I am TOTALLY not afraid to break peoples' necks. :) Pretty rock star if you ask me. :) 

And that's Ila, also part of the group. She has this weird but cool taste of music and she's pretty funny. :) 

That guy over there is Wyatt. He's like this creepy dude but his fashion sense covers that creepiness. Hahahaha. 

And the other guy is Xavier. (The dude with his tongue out on the first picture) He is ALWAYS questioning Amy about her awesomeness but he's a good friend.

So anyway to make a 15 minute story short, Keeley likes this guy named Brad and Charlie says that he's a player. Keeley and Brad dated. Charlie got jealous. Keeley saw Brad with another girl. Keeley slapped him in the face. Brad broke Keeley's heart. Amy threatened to kill Brad. The rest of the group decided against it. Keeley told Charlie that she didn't love Brad. Charlie cheered her up. Keeley said, "I love you...........................................................BIG BRO." and smiled. Charlie felt awkward so he told Keeley that he'll just go get something. Charlie said, "She called me her brother. No! This can't be happening." he slaps himself. "Oh my GOD! It is true. I'm just a big brother to her. I've b-been b-rother zoned. I'VE BEEN BROTHER ZONED!!!!!!!!!" and lights fade out. 
*applause applause* 
So that's basically how he got out of the friend zone by being in the brother zone.
Yey! We finally finished it and we're done! FINALLY!!!! And all the late practices have been worth it! :) I hope we get a high grade though. I love you guys! 

Here's some more pictures :) 

Oh and that guy with the earphones is the narrator or the guy who says what's on Charlie's mind and that other guy is BRAD. 

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Photos by: Lee Piquero, Earl Jumalon, Kate Castillanes 

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