Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Cray cray Indie Darling

Hey!! I told you there was gonna be a new outfit post. So guess who's back? John Lennon, yeah if you're wondering why I'm wearing this and if you think it's a crime for wearing things again well then shut up I.DONT.CARE. I wore John Lennon because I like the indie vibe going on. And I love wearing old stuff.  So again we practiced for our play thing and this was like my "OOTD" hahahaha, it's funny when I say it out loud. (*DOPE shots and selfies in the bathroom*) I wanted to go for something comfy and my kind of thing so I wore this shirt and a mini blazer with embellishments to make it pop or something. :) I wore these shorts because it was hot outside and I only wore the blazer when we left and finished practicing. 

Wearing: Shoes-Converse;Shirt-Whatever;Blazer-Bum;Shorts-Seventeen;Watch-Nine West

So what do you think?
Is it nice or something? 
Have a great Wednesday everyone! 
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