Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy Birthday to ME.

It's my birthday! I know it's a little bit late but this is a scheduled post because I didn't really have time to do it. So anyway, it's my birthday and I am so happy that I am not the youngest in my class anymore. I'd like to thank God for all the blessings that He gave me and to my family and also my parents for giving me a life and also for creating an awesome person. And for my friends who continue to support me. I LUUUUH YOU. 
Back to the outfit. I didn't really have time to take pictures of what was going on because I got excited.
And you can guess I wore a t-shirt and some crazy jeans. 

I also got sweet gifts dude! 
This one's from my mum. Thanks mum! I Love you! 

This one's from my best friend Nicole. I LUH YOU! 

And this one's from, you may know her as the best director I mentioned in my older posts, yes, Den!! I luh you!  

Now here is something I want you to see, TROY!!!!! From Community! I love that show!

Also a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TWIN GURL LC Happy birthday to you too gurl! I LUUUH YOU. (Yeah we have the same birthday.) :) 

Yeah that's her. Follow her on twitter. Just press that name above. And she is also one of the smartest people I know. (whatever. Just kidding!) 
And for all of you people who have the same birthday as I , "WE" do then happy birthday to you! 
Just a friendly reminder from RDJ. 

Take care luvs!
See you in my next post!

Friday, 18 October 2013

How he got out of the friend zone.

So you're probably wondering who in the world are these people right here. Right? No? Fine. Well let me introduce them to you one by one. And let me tell you the story of Charlie and how he got out of the friend zone.

This guy right here is Charlie. The main character. He always loved this girl who is his best friend who's name is......

Keeley. She's like the girl who is simple and happy but inside she just feels a bit sad because of her past experiences. And of course both of them belong in a group. 

That's me Amy. I am one of Charlie and Keeley's best friends and I'm like this badass Asian who acts black and I am TOTALLY not afraid to break peoples' necks. :) Pretty rock star if you ask me. :) 

And that's Ila, also part of the group. She has this weird but cool taste of music and she's pretty funny. :) 

That guy over there is Wyatt. He's like this creepy dude but his fashion sense covers that creepiness. Hahahaha. 

And the other guy is Xavier. (The dude with his tongue out on the first picture) He is ALWAYS questioning Amy about her awesomeness but he's a good friend.

So anyway to make a 15 minute story short, Keeley likes this guy named Brad and Charlie says that he's a player. Keeley and Brad dated. Charlie got jealous. Keeley saw Brad with another girl. Keeley slapped him in the face. Brad broke Keeley's heart. Amy threatened to kill Brad. The rest of the group decided against it. Keeley told Charlie that she didn't love Brad. Charlie cheered her up. Keeley said, "I love you...........................................................BIG BRO." and smiled. Charlie felt awkward so he told Keeley that he'll just go get something. Charlie said, "She called me her brother. No! This can't be happening." he slaps himself. "Oh my GOD! It is true. I'm just a big brother to her. I've b-been b-rother zoned. I'VE BEEN BROTHER ZONED!!!!!!!!!" and lights fade out. 
*applause applause* 
So that's basically how he got out of the friend zone by being in the brother zone.
Yey! We finally finished it and we're done! FINALLY!!!! And all the late practices have been worth it! :) I hope we get a high grade though. I love you guys! 

Here's some more pictures :) 

Oh and that guy with the earphones is the narrator or the guy who says what's on Charlie's mind and that other guy is BRAD. 

Have a great weekend!
Take Care!
I'll see you in my nest post!
*coughs*Behind the scenes*coughs*
and *ehem*ootd's
Bye luv! :*

Photos by: Lee Piquero, Earl Jumalon, Kate Castillanes 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Cray cray Indie Darling

Hey!! I told you there was gonna be a new outfit post. So guess who's back? John Lennon, yeah if you're wondering why I'm wearing this and if you think it's a crime for wearing things again well then shut up I.DONT.CARE. I wore John Lennon because I like the indie vibe going on. And I love wearing old stuff.  So again we practiced for our play thing and this was like my "OOTD" hahahaha, it's funny when I say it out loud. (*DOPE shots and selfies in the bathroom*) I wanted to go for something comfy and my kind of thing so I wore this shirt and a mini blazer with embellishments to make it pop or something. :) I wore these shorts because it was hot outside and I only wore the blazer when we left and finished practicing. 

Wearing: Shoes-Converse;Shirt-Whatever;Blazer-Bum;Shorts-Seventeen;Watch-Nine West

So what do you think?
Is it nice or something? 
Have a great Wednesday everyone! 
Don't forget to click that HYPE button! :) 

Happy Birthday Daddy! :)

Hey guys! I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my awesome and KEWL (yes KEWL, because cool is not slang enough. :)) So anyway, he can't be here with my mom and I because he is in Manila with the rest of my family so we didn't really celebrate it. And I just want to say that my dad is like sooooooo cool because of his chill vibe but when it comes to academics, well that's a different thing. I love my dad so much, he's the reason why I became a foodie and he is also the reason why I love 80's music. Weird right? I love you daddy. (mwah mwah mwah hahahaha)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Don't worry about a thing.

Hey guys! So today was the last day of my exams and it went better than I expected. I was like flying man! It was the best Friday ever. I was chilling with my friends and one left because of practice so it was just me and Lee. So we were chilling, walking and talking. It was just so....... YOLO. I don't know, it just seems like the right word for it. It was really funny to hang out with her and wwe discovered this awesome and really really wide and open parking space that was SO windy that my skirt  and my hair were all over the place but it was cool. And I drank way too many sarsi floats but that's dope.
Anyway, I would like to dedicate this song for all of you who just finished your exams and if you didn't then just ignore it. Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright. Yeah men. But don't relax TOO much. 
I love you Bob Marley. 

Have a dope Friday!
Have a kick-ass weekend!
See you in my next post!
xx Mia

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Hey, hey hey! It's October! The month of my birthday and the month of my exams :'( So I'll probably be stuck in the house for the week because I need to study. So.... I really need to go study for my exams tomorrow. Fear not, there will be more awesome posts after FRIDAY okay? Just wait for it. And for all you people who have exams today and tomorrow goodluck to you! MWAH! Especially me and my fellow classmates. I love you. OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND KAREN! KAREN! KAREN! WHERE'S THE MONEY KAREN! I LOVE YOU KAREN! So anyway, just keep working hard now and play hard later. You got the rest of your life for playing hard but just work hard first so that when you play it's gonna be even more LEGEN-wait for it-DARY! :) Okay, that's it. Take care.Keep doin' ya thang! 

Happy Thursday to you.
Happy Birthday Karen!
Take care! Love you. :*
See you in my next post! :*