Saturday, 28 September 2013

Practice makes Perfect.

Hey guys! Today I just had practice on something for school and it's a one act play! Oh and I'm an actress! Yey! I'm pretty nervous about it but when we practiced I couldn't be more happy! So anyway, I wore this long-sleeved shirt because we were going to meet at the mall and that mall is cold, let me tell you. :) I wore this because it's kind of like my travelling shirt and we had to go to this place together after the mall so why not? A shirt and jeans are kind of like my go-to outfit. Whenever I don't feel like dressing up I always end up wearing these kind of things. 
Add a bag for my script and my favorite chucks. 

Silly shot, these two are.

 Oh and a very happy birthday to my bro/cousin Bojo. I love you so much! You're like a brother to me. I hope you do well in your stuffs. I hope we chill again soon. Take care always. And I miss you luv! 

Happy birthday Boj! xoxo Ate :) 

wearing: shoes-Converse;jeans-thrifted;bag-Thanks MOM!;watch-Nine West;Shirt-whatever

Happy Saturday every one! 
Take care! 

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