Friday, 27 September 2013

Depeche mode.

Two words. Depeche Mode. Four words. Just can't get enough. And three more words. Master and Servant. These are the two songs that I am addicted to right now. I love the awesome beat and stuff and I love that it's really kind of dancey. I listen to these songs whenever I'm on my way to school and whenever I'm walking so my limbs be pounding and feeling the beat you know? And people give me some looks, looking at me like I'm crazy! So anyway I'm going to let you hear these songs to make you have a happy weekend from what I bet is a very stressful week. Here's to the weekend ahead! Praise the Lord! :) Oh and I hope you dance to these songs too. (*Looks mischievously at you*) Yeah. Don't forget to give yourself a time to chill. 
Hope you like it! :)

Here's to your great weekend! 
Love ya'll!
Stay miagnifique luv! :)

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