Saturday, 31 August 2013

Party Photo Diary.

 On August 20, my school had this event called "campus pop". It kinda sounds corny I know but that's what they call it. I just hope they called it Student Party or Campus Party something with a party in it. Pop just sounds weird.  It was pretty freakin awesome. I got to dance with people, RANDOM people. Mostly guys. ;) And all thanks to my very good friend Lee. I love that b. She practically dragged me to the dance floor to dance. NOT JUST JUMP AROUND SCREAMING WITH FRIENDS! Anyway, that night was probably one of the best nights ever! It was just so liberating, dancing around like that and forgetting about life for just a little while and letting go. It was really fun. And I hope that it would be that awesome next year because its's an annual thing. 

This one was at the dance floor. We were luck enough to run there when it wasn't crowded yet.

 This was after the whole thing! 

 They played tons of crazy songs. Hours felt like minutes. I guess time really flies when you're having fun! I loved that night with my friends. Guys if you're reading this I love you guys! MWAH! I hope the next one will be just as fun.

Photos by: Kate Castillanes 

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