Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello August!

AUGUST! Please, Please, PLEASE be good to me! Well it's time to move forward as we always do :) As you all know, or if you don't, I am a full time student which means I have my exams coming up! This is all moving too fast, I know but that's high school. There's a lot going on in my mind right now. I really need to study s that I can have a brighter future :) I just want to tell you how thankful I am for being here right now and for everything that God has given to me and my family.

This is a little too liberated but I love it! :)

  1. I would like to thank our good LORD for giving me a family and for letting them all be well.
  2. (I know that this will sound crazy) Letting my dad have a job in the U.S. (territory :))
     This picture was taken waaaaaay back. I didn't even have braces yet! hahaha! Look how handsome he was! :0
     Yes. I am a daddy's girl. I love my dad sooooooooo much. If only he was here right now........ I remember when we were in Manila we always went to the mall before he plays tennis. We would go to the mall near his office and EAT! He's the main reason why I'm a foodie. Then he would take me to my grandmother's house. He used to let me steer the steering wheel and I would be soooo scared because I might hit something! Anyway,
    In this picture I remember those times when we went to the mall, me, my mom and my dad, just the three of us. My dad ALWAYS made sure that I'd go with him not my mom (sorry mum!) Then we'd just try out some new food and sometimes play at the arcade! Hahaha! Daddy if you're reading this I miss you so much! I love you and take care! :) 
  3. The great times I shared with my mom and the support that she gave :) (Hi mom!)
  4. Letting me study.... -.-
 I'm the one wearing the gray shirt :) 
Left to right: Me!;(my dear dear friend) DANE Uy;(my lovely cousin-ate) LOUISE Alcantara;Me!;(my cousin's older sister and also my cousin-ate) AGIE Alcantara;(my dear friend)GODWIN Ubaldo;(my dear older friend)DENNIS Literal 
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. They have been my friends since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! And now look at us! All grown up and sooooo tall :) 
Picture by: Dane Uy- Fuji film Instax

7. And also, I know that it's not happy but I'll still thank God that it happened,These are my best friends since freshman year in high school. And it's sad to say that my best friend Celine left Davao and went to Gensan because her mom passed away. :'( (Condolence Celine) Anyway, these pictures were taken waaaay back when we all freshmen. This was for a class project and we were groupmates. :) 

Left  up to right down: JANNA Fronteras, QUIM Modequillo, LOUISE Espanola, MAYMAY Apayor

Left up,down,up,down,up: JANNA,QUIM,LOUISE,CELINE,ME! 
(Celine if you're reading this we will miss you sooooo much! I hope that you will be happy and please don't forget that we will always be here for you :')) 

What are your plans this August? Leave me some of your love! :* 
P.S. I probably won't be posting until next week because I need to study soooo sorry! BYE! 


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