Friday, 18 July 2014

The Fourth of July

It's better late than never. I've always wanted to post something like this because of my love for America. Last year, I forgot to do it and I promised myself that I'd do it this year. And of course I didn't have any internet connection in the past couple of weeks. (Shhh...) I had a busy schedule okay? 


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Take care!
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's DAY!!!

If you have noticed I have the habit of making a post about everything I want to share. Well, most of the things. This time it's for my dad. (WARNING: VERY PERSONAL STUFF IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN)

        I know I haven't been the perfect daughter to you or mom, but trust me I endeavor to be. I'm sorry for all my faults and lies. I'm sorry for not being able to be what you want me to be. I know you only want me to be someone for our future but I don't have any other way of saying that it's just not my passion. Nonetheless thank you so much for supporting me and giving me a life. You're cool :) haha (inside joke) I know we disagree in what music should be playing in the car because you're still stuck on eighties music, but seriously it grew on me and now we both have something to listen to. Life's just not about music but it's also about math. I'll try to study exceptionally well this year and I hate to say this in my blog but Yeah, yeah, I'll read and do more math exercises and familiarize all those stuff. I get it okay? I'll do my best to have a bright future. 'kay love you. Happy father's day.


Here's the song that grew on me.

To be fairly honest with you I despised this song then one day I started singing along and memorized it! Amazing.... :)

Happy father's day to all of your fathers!
Take care! ;)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hey June, don't make it bad + May favorites!

I'm sorry for not posting a lot of stuff last month. I know most of you might not give a !@... care but I'm still going to say it anyway. I hate myself for not being super active on lookbook and I made a vow to be active on lookbook, well whenever I WEAR SOMETHING NICE which is all the freaking time but I'm just too lazy to take pictures. But hey, whatever I'll start doing some right now! :) Just kidding. 

So it's June and it's school season now for the Asians I guess (Filipinos) and I have nothing to wear! Ugh! I'm just kidding!! We wear our uniforms :) but anyway, I came across this song which I heard on Spotify in which you need to follow me there right away! And it's kinda funny because it's almost school time and the first line of this song says something about school. Go listen to it!

2. Cupcakes by Sonja

Forgive me for saying this but I saw this in a magazine and I really wanted to try it. I only tasted cupcakes by Sonja because my aunt or cousins bring home a piece but I've never actually had the time to go chill at the actual store. So the first picture was taken with me and my parents and the second one, I was chilling with mah gurl cousin :) 


I heard about this band because of a friend who recommended it to me I guess..?? And I absolutely fell in love with their songs. The first song I heard was Fred Astaire and it became my favorite song in May but it still is with a bit of other songs on the side. 

4. Blue Hues 

If only nail polish was allowed in my school. This would be a very patriotic color but just a few shades lighter. LOL. So, I tried this nail color and I really love it! I mixed the two colors because I want to control the amount of saturation and stuff like that. It's a bit messy but I've been rocking this for the month of May. It's a huge shame that I have to remove it soon. :(

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Print x Print

Hey guys! What's up dawg? Just kidding lol. So, today I felt bad for always wearing the same simple outfits. I mean the only thing that makes it extraordinary are the boots that I always wear. I didn't bring shoes okay? I found this old top that's been hiding in the closet for quite awhile. I tried on this print on print thing that everyone seems to be saying I should try. To be honest, I was a bit terrified of the idea of this because it might not work out, but ta-da! It actually did, I think. Go see for yourself! 

I'd like to thank my cousin who took all of my photos. I love ya bruh :)

So what do you think? 
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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to my MOM and to all mom's out there. May today be a great day for you and your family. I love my mom so much and to show how much I love her I am making this post a scheduled post :p, so sorry. I had to do this because 1. It's mother's day. 2. I had no time to do this because of my reviews and homework :( and 3. I love my mom and it's better late than never. Plus it's not really that obvious that this is a scheduled post without me pointing it out right? :) Whatever.
Thank you mom, for everything that you have done for me and for our family. You have the hardest job of all and I know that sometimes I get too distracted to even appreciate it. I know we fight a lot because of most of our disagreements but I know *ugh* that you will always be right. :/ just kidding! :)  
So, I was originally supposed to give my mom a card as a traditional thing but then I LOST IT!!! :( So I sent her a really looooong text and the day before mother's day I told my dad that we should buy my mom something, so we gave her this! Yeah It was my idea. She was ecstatic when she saw the wrapped present that I gave her on the day. Yeah, it's a matte lipstick and it was my idea but my dad's cash. (Sorry mom, I'm broke) 

I wore this on mother's day to make things a bit more formal because I just felt like it. 

Happy mother's day! 
See you in my next post :) 

Dress-XOXO;Necklace-gift from ;);Shoes-solemate 
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Monochrome carp.

Hey guys! Today I wanted to have a laid back vibe, I know that this may look like crap but I just really didn't know what to wear. I was being frantic and I just got whatever I saw. Minimal accessories (more like, no accessories at all!), I know that. Yes, I barely have any accessories, don't get me wrong I love accessories, I never go out of the house without a necklace or some rings. And I only started taking action on that today. Another review day and luckily there is no dress code so I just got these pair of shorts, t-shirt and my boots. 

What do you think? 
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Take care :* 
Mia x

Photos by: Kuki :) 

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hey guys! I told you I was going to do this! See? All you had to do was believe. So yesterday was a great day, but then something happened and it turned bad. I thought I was going to wear something dark and monochrome today but then I was scrolling through one of my favorite bloggers site and she was wearing skirts and heels and some dope shades, so I thought "Why can't I be as happy as she is?" Well obviously because I don't have that much cash but still, you have to work with what you got right? 

Today I thought of wearing something fun and sporty. I guess I made it sporty because of the sneakers, yeah my dad thought of that because he saw what I was wearing. Anyway, I wore this to my review center and well, I actually thought I was going to be judged, I knew I was, but I couldn't care less. 

 Meet my cool cousin who lent me this beautiful skirt. I'm sorry, the skirt is not mine. HAHAHAHA but whatever, you work with what you got! That's the thing about life bish. She took some of the photos above and I thank her for that! :) 

Oh and I have a new photographer! She is probably more talented in taking photos than I am. Meet Coleen or Kuki! MY seven year-old niece. She's really fun to work with and I love her mwah! :*

I swear more adventures await. I have adventures every weekend!
That is if I have enough money. 
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